Portable Signs Calgary


Sign Guru is now offering a unique portable sign for the Calgary market. Our new 4×4 foot mini or Small Portable Sign Calgary will allow your business to promote itself on a whole new level.

Temporary road signs with letters in them are becoming a thing of the past. The future is clear to use, digitally printed signage is the future and Sign Guru has the product you have been looking for.

Our high quality image is placed into a high quality frame that looks fresh an new today and will look just as good years from now. Our competition are using old technologies in an effort to reuse their old style signs and retrofit them to allow them to screw an image to this old style sign. Unfortunately this creates a substandard sign.

Small Portable Sign for you Business Brand

Everything you do reflects on your business and it all starts with image. Our mobile sign products help create the best overall signage available in Calgary today and this is all being done at competitive rates. We can incorporate your logo and colors into a sign that will help your business stand out against your competitors.
Calgary’s bylaws allow for signs that are 16sqft or small to be placed without the requirement of a city permit.

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